How do you know an engine oil branded as “high performance” is really right for your machine?
Yamalube is a Genuine Yamaha “liquid engine component” and as such, develops it as “part of the engine.” Yamalube is developed by engineers that know every detail of the engine’s working mechanisms, the metals and alloys used in its construction and under which conditions it will be used.
You can always be sure that Yamalube is precision-blended to be ideal for your Yamaha.

Yamalube offers many benefits over its competitors including:

  • Designed for exceptional engines including the most extreme conditions.
  • Yamalube Marine FC-W Rated 4 strike oils provide longer life, extra critical cold start and
    heavy load protection as well as combating rust, corrosion, filter, varnish and wear while
    providing high levels of lubrication.
  • Cleaner engine with a powerful antioxidant action to protect and keep engine parts clean.
  • Meets key NMMA standards in Viscosity, corrosion, filter plugging and foaming.

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